ESXi Server DFI LanParty JR 790GX

Since you really rarely (unless you’re a gaming fan) want to use that much power on the desktop, I had decided to rebuild my desktop PC as an ESXi Server. With an AMD Phenom 4Core and 8 GB RAM that should go quit smoothly for my needs. Unfortunately, there really is not much evidence with which hardware is it going and not with what … But to make it to the point, it works. Only the LAN port doesn’t, here I used an Intel PRO/1000 GT.

AMD Chipset: Northbridge AMD 790GX, Southbridge AMD SB750,  Integrated ATI Radeon HD 3300. SATA ports work fine as well.

The ESXi I installed from the CD directly onto a flash drive, so there is no harddisk “wasted” for that. The ESXi directly formats the disks in the system in it’s own format for the VIRTUAL machines.

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